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Subliminal Selling Secrets

Your success as a salesperson is directly linked to your communication, people, and selling skills. These skills include understanding how people think, how they process information and most importantly the ability, the sensory acuity, to identify these responses.

smiling womanPeople think and process information using their sensory modalities; sight, sound, and feeling (e. g. visual, auditory, and kinesthetic). When a salesperson matches their customer’s preferred sensory modality, trust and rapport build quickly. When you have a high degree of trust and rapport with your customer the sale comes together naturally and everyone enjoys the entire process.

That is the secret to effective communication, people, and selling skills. The most successful salespeople quickly identify and match their customer’s preferred sensory modality. That is why they are so successful and make more sales. And that is what Subliminal Selling Secrets™ is all about.


Subliminal Selling Secrets: How People Think

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Imagine if you could pierce through your customer's mental veil and learn what they are really thinking. Armed with accurate knowledge of what is really going on inside their heads... and then leading them to a positive buying decision by using a mental roadmap of subliminal thoughts and images... imagine the edge you will enjoy... imagine what that edge will do for your success.

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What Others are Saying:

Hey Ulrich,

What a treat it was to walk into my 14-hour class last week and find you were the instructor! It was so good to see you again!!

I can't wait till next spring for your Subliminal Selling Secrets class. I learn so much each time I take this class. This week I was reminded to Not Assume Competence!

I can't tell you how often I used nuggets from Subliminal Selling, like the learning and communications styles. I've learned to better read customers, agents and my family. Recently I helped my 26 year old daughter understand why she felt disconnected from the rest of the family. She is a kinesthetic in a world of visuals. Bless her heart. She's trying to impart empathy when everyone else is standing around asking her to "show me".

From your class I've learned to motivate on the positive, instead of the negative. My 13 year corrects herself now. For instance, she says, "If I get done cleaning my room.... NO! WHEN I get done cleaning my room, can I watch TV?" I love it! Even she gets it and is now speaking to her nieces and friends in the positive.

Thank you for reminding me to speak in statements & commands. I have cultivated a unique speaking style when working with customers and need to adjust to this pattern. I'll let you know how I am doing March 11.

Thanks again, CJ

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